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I’ve always been fascinated with the darkness of the world; the seedy underbelly we all know exists around us, but try not to acknowledge in fear it will consume us.

I began this project to outline the mysteries and horror in the world that hooked me, haunted me, and made it impossible to look away, but I never imagined that simply digging a little deeper would change my life so much.

Or put my life in danger.

But there’s something I’ve learned along the way, and that is once you start looking, you can’t stop looking. I’ve become obsessed with finding a truth I don’t even know exists.

Welcome to Codex Found, a podcast of horror and strange, of the stories that keep us up at night, and the realities that we try to pretend don’t exist.

Don’t stray from the main path, unless, of course, you want the forest to come to you.


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