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For When You Can't Find Me

An investigative podcaster returns home to find her missing sister and must decipher the sinister ARG mobile game threatening her life.

Quarterfinalist - WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Fall 2021

Coverage Highlights

This script expertly develops a cast of fully rounded characters and spins a complicated web of
relationships between them that serves the detective narrative but also feels emotionally grounded at
the same time. The central relationships of the script between Kate and her mother, Kate and Ophelia,
and Kate and Rowan, and Kate and Chloe are all rich with conflict that makes us care about these
characters while fueling the drama and twists of the story. Especially noteworthy is the Kate and Tess
dynamic, which escalates beautifully from uncomfortable and strained to completely messed up and

FWYCFM Cover.png
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